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Well hi there little wolves! this is a fandom blog from a fangirl who has nothing better to do than listen to music and watch tv shows so i gueeees you can tell what you will find in this blog! I'm Joy btw, call me by my name and win my heart, yes im that easy ♪


did you just say the n word?

white person:





tumblr has a lot of disagreements and arguments but at least we all agree that nash grier is a piece of shit

I am pissed off by this….
Like what did he ever do to you….
Or anyone….
Fuck whoever made this post.
Fucking fuck you.!


In addition to competition between girls needing to come to an end, and self-love needing to start, what ALSO needs to start is love amongst girls. 

Be friends with other girls. 

Protect other girls. 

Defend other girls. 

Support other girls. 

And for the love of god, don’t EVER let some shitty boy cause hate between you and other girls.

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